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Presenting EdLin MicroSystems

Our Services and Fees

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We offer several computer-related services in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The computer industry requires a great deal of experience. Installing new systems and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our business. We hope to be able to handle all of your computer needs.


Here Are Some Of The Computer Services That We Offer:

-- Installing and Configuring Computer Systems and Software
-- Computer Maintenance and Repairs
-- In-Home Personalized Computer Training
-- Custom Designed Business and Personal Websites
-- Virus and Spyware Removal
-- E-Mail Account and Internet Setups
-- Wireless Network Setups
-- Systems Consultations and Analysis


Our fees for professional services are $25.00 per hour plus $25.00 for a housecall.

This does not include the cost of any required new software or hardware.